Redwood Empire
Swing Dance Club

RESDC Guidelines for DJs

1. Play music that everyone in the hall will enjoy dancing to.

2. Vary the style and speed of the songs. Do not just play songs with a narrow range of beats per minute. Use faster and slower tempos, breaks or not, and varying energies. While West Coast Swing is wired for blues, other styles such as shag, pop, country, and jazz can be danced.

3. Songs should be no longer than 3 to 4 minutes. However, a few longer songs could be played in the first half hour or the last 45 minutes of the dance.

4. Most of the songs selected should be “proven” WCS songs that other D-Js have played and folks have enjoyed dancing to. Play no more than one or two “experimental” songs per hour.

5. To add variety, also play one “other dance” song each hour such as Waltz, Night Club 2 Step, Salsa, or Country Two Step. Announce the selected dance type at the start of the previous song.

6. When the dancers from the lesson enter the main dance, play some fairly short (3 min.) WCS songs representative of slow to medium tempo dances. This will allow those who took the lesson to practice and observe what they learned and to give a favorable impression of WCS.

7. DO NOT play songs that include profanity or have obscene lyrics.